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The year was 1892. The donor was Mrs. J. P. Barrett. And though the 65 cents she gave wasn’t exactly a princely sum—even for those days—it was enough. Mrs. Barrett’s gift began a movement that resulted in the Christian Orphanage, now Elon Homes and Schools for Children, opening its doors in 1907. Her act of kindness blossomed into what EHSC is today—a place that provides safe haven, life skills, and an education for children, offering:

  • Family foster care throughout many North Carolina counties for children who have suffered from abuse, abandonment, and neglect.
  • Foster Care Village providing housing, education, and life-skills training for young men 18 to 21 years old who have aged out of foster care.
  • Kids Central of the Carolinas providing psychological and educational testing and treatment for children and their families.

Over the years, EHSC has prepared thousands of young people to confidently meet the future.

Since the first gift of 65 cents, EHSC has received donations of every size and description. In addition to contributions made during a lifetime, many generous supporters have made donations of lasting meaning through bequests and other planned gifts such as life insurance policies, retirement plans, and annuities. EHSC is thankful and blessed by each gift and each contributor. We invite you to read further to learn more about charitable gift and estate planning that is useful for contributors and their advisors.

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